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Cold-Fix Story – A Healthier Alternative to Cold and Flu Medication

The Story of Cold-Fix—Made with a Father’s Love

As a doctor who was accustomed to finding solutions for others, Dr. Jacobs routinely watched as his own children and patients suffered from the cold and flu. Everyone always got sick season after season suffering from all the symptoms despite the promise by leading cold and flu medicine brands that they could help his patients bodies fight off the cold and flu within a few days. Frustrated patients would end up in Dr. Jacobs’ office after a couple of days looking for an alternative solution as their cold and flu medication had not provided the type of response and relief they were seeking.

Cold-fix, order now!

A trip to Europe and a chance encounter led the doctor to come across a remedy that was talked about widely in the European and Asian community as safe and effective. After doing some of his own research about the many cold and flu products sold in the US, Dr. Jacobs learned of the “other ingredients” that are in many of the cold remedies some of which are counterproductive to the body fighting off an illness. Understanding the need for a more safe and effective solution in the U.S., the doctor worked with his colleagues to bring this safe and homeopathic product to the states. Now, for the first time, this revolutionary method to help prevent colds and flu is available in the U.S.

Introducing Cold-Fix for Children and for Adults: a highly-effective cold remedy that creates an impact that is immunomodulatory. Cold-Fix helps increase the functional cell pool that is involved in the body’s immune response. This means there is increased efficient activity of virus fighting immune cells, and the production of protective antibodies. In short, Cold-Fix helps prevent cold and flu, and fights to shorten the symptoms of colds and flu by working with and increasing your body’s own immune response.

Cold-Fix is different than the typical leading brand cold and flu remedy because:

  1. Cold-Fix does not have a sugary taste, or any taste for that matter. The producers of this product wanted to keep the remedy free of any dyes, sugars and anything artificial.
  2. Cold-Fix doesn’t contain highly addictive sugar. Sugar causes counterproductive symptoms within the body such as inflammation.
  3. Cold-Fix is safe and effective and can be taken by anyone 6 months of age and older. There are no known effective cold and flu products in the market for children as young as 6 months.
  4. Cold-Fix does not treat the cold and flu with “vitamins” since there’s no good evidence that vitamins help to treat the common cold. Instead Cold-Fix utilizes your own body’s immune system to fight the symptoms and duration of the cold. Although vitamins are a good supplement to take to fulfill the nutrients your body needs on a day to day basis they are not effective when used as a cold or flu solution.

After years of testing and development, perfecting the formula, and ensuring its safety and effectiveness, the active ingredient in Cold-Fix was officially launched in the year 2000. Its popularity spread to more than 20 different countries around the world.

Long known and trusted by parents in Europe and Asia, Cold-Fix is now available in children’s and adult formula in the U.S. Taken in the proper doses, it can help stave off and/or minimize a cold or flu at onset. Taken as a regiment, it helps minimize the risk of cold and flu infections.

Curious About the Penguin?

In honor of the stuffed toy penguin that always sat dutifully in his son’s bed when the boy was ill, Cold-Fix’s Petra Penguin is the endearing mascot for this iconic brand that is found in medicine cabinets all over the world.