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Build Your Knowledge for Cold and Flu Remedies

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4 Foods Children Should Eat When They Have the Flu

Mommy, I don’t feel good.” This may be one of the most dreaded phrases in all of parenthood. It often comes in the middle of the night, leaving you wondering...

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3 Home Remedies to Fight the Cold and Flu

Many people are gearing up for colder weather. Along with the weather, however, often comes illness. With cold and flu season upon us, it is a good idea to have...

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3 Good Health Habits That Can Stop the Spread of Cold and Flu

You know how contagious colds and flu viruses are. Just think of the last time someone in your house came home sniffling and sneezing and it went through the entire...

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5 Clues You Are Coming Down With the Flu

You don’t have to be Nancy Drew to figure out that you are getting sick. But how can you tell if it is just a cold, or something more serious...

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How To Differentiate Between Flu And Allergies?

More often than not, when someone has the sniffles, others quickly assume that they are contagious. However, those sniffles are normally the result of something that is not contagious at...

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3 Cold Symptoms in Adults

The common cold can be the result of many different viruses affecting your body; however, for most colds, the symptoms are similar. It will normally take up to a week...

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3 Flu Season Tips

There are so many things to love about fall---the changing leaves, upcoming holidays, cooler temperatures. And there is one thing to hate----the start of flu season. While the flu (influenza)...

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What Are the Different Types of Cough

Sshhhh….you know how irritating it is when someone is coughing uncontrollably while you are in the movie theater. Until it happens to you and you have to get up and...

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3 Debunked Myths About the Cold

Do you have a runny nose? Does your throat feel sore and irritated? If yes, chances are that you have a common cold. As we enter into the winter season,...

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Natural Cough Remedies for Kids

It started with the sniffles and now your child has a full-blown nasty cough. Another sleepless night, listening to them cough for hours. But before you start brewing the coffee...

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3 Quick Cold Remedies

A stuffy nose can be extremely uncomfortable and frustrating. The quicker you can get rid of the cold the better it is. The constant sneezing and sniffing is rather annoying...

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How to Fix a Cold?

Colds are like sneaky little ninjas---they come on fast and are hard to beat. One minute you are fine, and the next, you are sneezing like you inhaled an entire...