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Our Advice Center is designed to help keep you and your family healthy throughout the year by teaching preventative measures.

Build Your Knowledge for Cold and Flu Remedies

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Don’t Waste Another Sick Day on Actually Being Sick Again

Feeling like you’ve been hit by a Mack truck? Nose running like a faucet? Chills got you three layers deep in blankets on the couch for days? We get it....

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Is Vitamin C An Effective Cold Remedy?

Why Vitamin C When You Have a Cold What is the first thing you think you should take when you start feeling that you might be getting a cold? Well...

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14 Quick Remedies to Alleviate Cough Symptoms in Children

Have you ever experienced a time when your child has been coughing constantly and its hindering his ability to sleep and keeping you awake with worry? When this happens, your...

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Coughs & Colds: Types, Causes & Cures

Have you ever dealt with cough and cold symptoms that are different from each other, making it difficult for you to diagnose which type of cough you have? The remedies...

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10 Useful Tips to Get Through the Cold and Flu Season

Flu season. A time of staying in, taking vitamins to boost your immune system, and warding off flu germs to the best of your ability. It’s the season where you...

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Benefits of Cold-Fix

Benefits of Cold Fix Cold-Fix is the most trusted name for parents when cold and flu season comes around. You can rely on Cold-Fix to keep you and your children...

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Common Causes of Coughs in Children and How to Treat Them

Children are playful and carefree. They’re usually in crowded environments and are around other children often. They also like to play outside. During cold and flu season, however, these activities...

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