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Cold-Fix Testimonials

Nothing has worked as fast and effective as Coldfix. Within hours my symptoms were tremendously improved!

Hazel Rivas Cold-Fix April 5, 2018

I'm a mom of 2 girls age 5&6 and I dread this time of year..last few years it was so bad that I d go in to peds office and they already knew me by name...not to mention being stressed about it affecting my job...I started both of them on a probiotic and and now this...So far we've been ok..sniffle here & there but nothing like before. I have been telling people about coldfix...especially since it's homeopathic. We take one every day and if we have any symptoms we also take them thru the day to help do away with the symptoms. My girls even ask me for it now...i think it's great for kids also because it dissolves quickly and doesn't taste like anything. Just placed another order. Definitely affordable.

Cindy V Cold-Fix March 26, 2018

I used Cold-Fix right before I really started getting sick and it was really helpful in helping prevent getting sick. It's really good at preventing colds. Thanks Cold-Fix!

Jesse G. Cold-Fix for Adults March 19, 2018

“This is a revolutionary method…that helps shorten symptoms of a cold!”
– Dee LaVigne, star of The LaVigne Life and Cold-Fix partner.