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10 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Kids Healthy Throughout the Year

Yes, they are cute, beautiful, innocent and lovable. But most important of all, they are sensitive. Kids can get parents in a lot of trouble. Here they are frolicking all around the house, and you are looking at them with a proud smile on your face. Next thing you know they are warm to touch, their cheeks are turning red, and with a couple of sneezes, you’ve been sent a clear indication that a tormenting night is about to start for your kid. This same situation can repeat itself many times in the same year—it’s like déjà vu. But what can you do to keep your kids healthy throughout the year? Here are ten tips that can help you accomplish this near-impossible mission.

1. Let Them Sleep Tight

First and foremost, let them get enough sleep. If you are in the habit of staying up until late at night, quit it today. Not having enough sleep can have both physical and mental effects on your child.

2. Make Them Follow Hygienic Routines

The best way you can help your kids take care of their health is by constantly and repetitively making them follow certain self-hygiene rules, e.g., washing hands before and after eating, brushing their teeth after waking up and before going to bed, etc.

3. Take Them to the Doctor Regularly

It’s funny how kids get to live a completely carefree life, and they never give parents the props for doing everything for them. So, it is also your responsibility to take them to the doctor for regular visits. A doctor can always give you useful advice based on the weight, health, and age of your kids.

4. Encourage Them to Eat Only Healthy Foods

Keep bad foods away from your kids. Snacks, sweets, candies, cola drinks, etc. must be kept away from their sight. Some parents don’t seem to care—don’t you be one of them.

5. Get Them Vaccinated

Consider getting your kids vaccinated for flu, cold and any other diseases. This could keep some really common yet painful diseases away from them.

6. Keep the House Clean

Sometimes it’s not the kids but the parents who are at fault—or maybe that’s always the case. Not keeping your house clean and providing endless opportunities for your kid to put dirty objects in his/her mouth is something that can totally be avoided.

7. Let Them Be Physically Active

Always provide your kids with opportunities for exercising, especially outdoors in your lawn or some other healthy place. Play with them so you can give your body some activity too.

8. Avoid Unhealthy Food Alternatives

Sometimes, the only way to make kids like milk is by adding some sugar to it. However, you should use very little quantities of sugar if you use it because too much of it can be unhealthy.

9. Dress Them Properly

Dress your kids properly and according to the season. They are sensitive and thus feel the effects of the season more than you.

10. Give Them Clean Water to Drink

Boil or filter or do both before you give your children water to drink. Some diseases come from unhealthy, contaminated and polluted water.

We found these tips work well with keeping our kids healthy throughout the year and we hope you do too.