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14 Quick Remedies to Alleviate Cough Symptoms in Children

mom checking if her daughter's temperature is too highHave  you ever experienced a time when your child has been coughing constantly and its hindering his ability to sleep and keeping you awake with worry? When this happens, your child is also in great discomfort because his chest is congested, nose is runny, and he’s probably tired from all the coughing.

So what can you do to help? Try one of the quick remedies below that act as effective cough and cold treatments for children.

1. Elevate Your Child’s Head

An effective cough treatment for children is to arrange a few pillows under your child’s shoulders and head. This will help your child breathe easier and will help with coughing. For infants, place a pillow underneath the mattress of the crib in order to elevate the area where your infant rests their head.

2. Run a Steam Bath

Another cough treatment home remedy is to turn your bathroom into a steam room by running a hot shower and closing the door. You can then sit inside with your child for about fifteen minutes before bed and again for fifteen minutes in the morning when they first wake up. The steam helps loosen phlegm and nasal congestion, making it easier for kids to cough up mucus and clear their respiratory systems.

3. Use a Humidifier

A useful cough and cold treatment for children is to have a cool-mist humidifier that you can leave on overnight in your child’s room. This can help to keep congested airways clear and moist. It’s best to run a steam bath and then a humidifier in the room to keep the humid air around your child consistent.

4. Use a Nasal Aspirator

After running a steam bath or using a humidifier, your child’s nose may be runnier than usual. To clear out the sinuses, you can use a nasal aspirator, especially if your child is under the age of five – children under the age of five are unable to blow their noses properly. There are many types of nasal aspirators, such as bulb syringes and bulb nasal aspirators. Choose the best one according to your child’s age and your individual needs to help keep your child’s nose clean.

5. Use a Nasal Spray

Along with an aspirator, spraying saline solution in your child’s nostrils is another good cough treatment home remedy. Nasal sprays help to loosen mucus and keeps your child’s nose clear. The less stuffy your child’s nose is, the more likely you’ll be able to get rid of that cough.

6. Honey as Medication

A great nighttime cough treatment for children is honey. Give a spoonful of honey to your child before bed and as needed. Since infants under the age of one shouldn’t consume honey, you should consult with a doctor on the best possible remedy that can act as a substitute to honey.

7. Use OTC Medication as Recommended

While home remedies are always a great option as a cold and cough treatment for your child, sometimes we need medication that is specifically made to cure cough and cold symptoms. Cold-Fix is a great example of such medication. Use Cold-Fix as directed to help give your child relief from cough and cold symptoms.

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8. Use a Vapor Rub

For children older than the age of two, use Vapor Rub on the chest of your child as a cough treatment. While the medicated rub will only lessen coughing by a very small amount, it can make children with congested chests much more comfortable at night. There are various kinds of vapor rubs and some can even be made at home.

9. Encourage Your Child to Drink Fluids

Staying hydrated can thin mucus secretions. The thinner the mucus, the easier said mucus can be expelled from your child’s body. Keep water by your child’s bed at night. A drink of hot herbal tea before bed can also help your child’s throat and act as an effective cough treatment home remedy. If your child is a milk drinker, warm milk can help keep him hydrated. As an extra bonus, milk is rich in vitamin D, which helps to boost a weakened immune system.

10. Serve Some Chicken Soup

When your child is sick, they need to be served up fluids and protein. Chicken soup has the perfect combination of both, and is a great child cough treatment remedy that can help your child feel better.

11. Get Your Child to Gargle

Another common cough remedy for your child that also helps sore throats is gargling warm, salty water. Mix a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water and have your child gargle a few swigs if they can. Salt helps reduce inflammation in the throat, which can help alleviate cough symptoms.

12. Keep Your Space Clean

If your child has a dry cough, it could be caused by asthma or allergies. Keep pets away from your child’s room when they are sick, use anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down surfaces around the house, and make sure there isn’t too much dust around in order to reduce triggers for the symptoms your child is experiencing.

13. Take a Short Walk Outside

If your child has croup or a barking cough this can be a life threatening condition and may need immediate medical attention. However, if the symptoms are mild without any signs of breathing difficulty then you can take your child outside for some fresh air. Sometimes clearing your child’s airways with fresh air from outside is a great cold and cough treatment for children, and brings color to your child’s cheeks. Just make sure to bundle up when you leave the house and to not stay out too long.

14. Know When to Call Your Doctor

The above cough treatment home remedies work well if your child’s condition is mild. If you find that your child has trouble breathing or their cough is a chronic problem, call your doctor. Here’s a quick list of times when consulting with a doctor is the best way to go:

  • Your child has croup and you see cough, cold, and flu like symptoms.
  • Your child is wheezing. He/she may have asthma and may need stronger medication.
  • Your child has whooping cough or is showing symptoms of whooping cough.
  • Your child has a fever or appears lethargic
  • Your child is coughing up blood.
  • Your child has a chronic cough that lasts for longer than two weeks.

If your child is experiencing a bad cough and cold attack, using one of the recommended cough and cold treatments for children mentioned above will help alleviate symptoms, and make your child feel better.