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3 Cold Symptoms in Adults

The common cold can be the result of many different viruses affecting your body; however, for most colds, the symptoms are similar. It will normally take up to a week for your body to start recovering from the infection. Common colds work in phases. The first phase is coming in contact with the cold –which is what causes your body to be affected by the virus. The symptoms will start showing after three days and you will begin to recuperate by the end of the seventh day.

The common cold affects the upper respiratory system, and healthy adults are affected by the cold about two to three times annually. Adults who smoke are likely to be affected by the cold more often and it will usually take more time for them to recover.

The first few days of the cold entail an itchy sore throat, fatigue and mild sweating. The symptoms of cold may vary from person to person, but the most common symptom of a cold is a runny nose, which is extremely uncomfortable and at times quite embarrassing.

In most cases, the person suffering from the cold is likely to start sneezing non-stop, and may experience an itchy and sore throat accompanied by coughing, a runny or congested nose, and a mild fever. Here are a few symptoms that adults are likely to experience during a bout of the cold:

Runny Nose

The first few days are the most difficult ones as a runny nose coupled with constant sneezing will be extremely uncomfortable. Try drinking hot teas and using diffusers to keep the cold in check. Drinking ginger tea or golden milk can be beneficial at this stage.

Nasal Secretion

After the first couple of days, the runny water-like fluid from the nose will start to solidify. It will become greener or yellower as time passes. During this stage, you are likely to experience dry lips, nasal blockage, and difficulty in breathing. Try to breath in some steam and apply a bit of clove oil on your nose and chest to dislodge the mucus in the nasal cavity. In some cases, a mild cough with phlegm is common. To treat this condition, add a tablespoon of honey to your night routine and continue drinking hot beverages and soups.


After the fifth day of suffering from the cold, it is likely to get much better. The heavy headedness, constant sneezing and cough will die down to a minimum. If you are experiencing a mild fever, try resting and incorporate Cold-Fix into your schedule. Cold-Fix works with your body’s natural immune system and can be taken daily so you can keep the cold and flu far away.

Not all colds are common colds; some infections are an indication of an underlying disease. Patients with asthma or sinus are more susceptible to cold viruses and may experience more extreme symptoms than healthy people.

The common cold weakens the immune system and in some cases leads to pneumonia and other diseases. During this illness, your lungs and sinuses are sensitive and can easily be affected by bacteria. If you are experiencing extreme symptoms, immediately see a doctor, as this may be a sign of a more serious condition. One of the best remedies is to go the homeopathic route and use solutions such as Cold-Fix because it works with your body’s natural immune system and it does not have any known serious side effects. This is the best way to shorten the duration of your cold and treat the symptoms without exposing your body to harmful chemicals that are a part of most conventional medicines.

Bottom Line

Colds are usually contagious and it is better to stay away from people who are exhibiting noticeable cold and flu symptoms. But we cannot always avoid our boss when we are at work and that is why Cold-Fix is the perfect answer for you. When taken daily, this cold and flu remedy can be used as a preventative measure to avoid catching a cold or the flu.