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3 Early Signs Your Child is Coming Down With The Flu

Since children lack a fully developed immune system such as the one present in adults, they are more prone to illnesses like the cold and flu. Not only this, but the symptoms hit them worse than their adult counterparts. This makes it essential for parents to recognize signs of the flu affecting the body. Being able to identify early signs gives them an advantage of curing the flu while still in the early stages before it does more damage.

1. Fatigue and Muscle Aches

If your child is one to cheerfully come home from school, then it shouldn’t be that hard to miss. However, don’t confuse fatigue with your child’s inactive personality. If your child comes home asking to be taken to bed then you should suspect that your child is coming down with the flu. Other signs related to fatigue – your child feels too tired to engage in everyday activities. A child complaining about aching muscles is very rare and doesn’t occur unless your child took part in a high-intensity work out. If not, then it’s more likely that your child is feeling tired because he or she is coming down with the flu.

2. Decreased Appetite and Stomach Issues

It’s true that signs like decreased appetite are difficult to observe in children since they’re such picky eaters, but there are other ways to be sure. If your child is coming down with the flu then it’s probable that your child won’t feel like eating and they will most likely express this to you. Children that are coming down with the flu display signs of stomach problems like diarrhea. They might also complain that their stomach is upset and they feel like vomiting, which could be a sign that your child has caught the flu. Since children’s bodies are still being developed, even the mild flu can cause an imbalance in their body’s systems.

3. Fever and Chills

Don’t brush off your child’s complaints of feeling cold, especially if you’re in a temperature-controlled area. Although children love cuddling in blankets, it becomes apparent if they’re doing so because they have the chills. If your child doesn’t get out of the blankets for even video games or cartoons then it could be a sign that they’re suffering from the flu. The onset of flu in children is also characterized by a fever that slowly rises to its peak. A fever is easily checked with a thermometer whereas a higher body temperature can be recognized by touch.

Parental Intuition

Parents know their child’s personality better than anyone. Whether they’re passive or very active, parents can tell signs of the flu apart from personality traits. Being able to recognize the early onset of the flu from a common cold will help you take steps to ensure your child’s quick recovery. Using Cold-Fix daily is a great way for children to get rid of the flu before it sets in because it works with your child’s own immune system to keep sickness far away. By using Cold-Fix, you can help your child remain active and healthy year round.