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Bronchitis Explained – Brace Yourselves Smokers!

How easy is it for you to ignore the common cold and flu? Some people are so used to them that they would continue to do their daily routine work while having a cold as if nothing is wrong with them. But sometimes the symptoms are here to stay, and that common cold or flu you would usually snub without a care isn’t just some common condition: it could be bronchitis.

Here Is Some Science for You

Bronchitis is a condition where your bronchial tubes become inflamed, swollen, or even infected. The bronchial tubes are responsible for transporting air into the lungs, so it makes sense why you would experience symptoms such as a terrible coughing and extreme mucus when these tubes become inflamed. The takeaway from this is that Bronchitis needs immediate attention.

Types of Bronchitis – One of Them Likes to Stick Around

There are two categories of bronchitis: acute and chronic.

  • Acute—The One That Goes Away: Acute bronchitis is a short-term inflammation of the bronchi and is pretty common. Typical symptoms include coughing, wheezing, chest discomfort, and shortness of breath, which can last for about a few weeks.
  • Chronic—The One That’s Here to Stay: Chronic bronchitis is more severe and less common. It keeps recurring, and its symptoms can last for three months to 2 years, or even longer. For some people, chronic bronchitis may be permanent.

Causes of Bronchitis – When Your Flu Lasts Too Long It’s Trying to Tell You Something

The virus that is responsible for causing bronchitis is typically the same one that causes common cold and flu—yikes! When the body overstresses the immune system into fighting off the flu and cold virus, it causes the bronchial tubes to expand and produce more mucus. The swollen tubes fill up with mucus, so there is no room for air to pass through. We understand the idea of flowing mucous rivers inside your body doesn’t seem all that appealing, but that’s just how your immune system works without you ever knowing.

Who Can Get Bronchitis? Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You Smokers

While non-smokers can also get bronchitis, smokers are much more prone to it because of all that smoke injuring their lungs and air pipes continuously, constantly and covertly. Old people and children with weak immune systems can also get it. If you often have those heart burns due to acid reflux in your stomach, you are also at a higher risk of getting bronchitis than people who don’t have acid reflux problems. Moreover, if you routinely work in proximity of substances, such as dust or chemical fumes that irritate your lungs, you are more likely to acquire bronchitis.

Symptoms of Bronchitis –Do Not Try to Be a Doctor!

It is hard to know for a layman if he/she has a common cold or bronchitis, but that’s where doctors come in. Before you read the symptoms stated below, be sure to act like a patient and let the doctor do their job. Let them diagnose the condition and give you the solution.

Bronchitis brings along a diverse variety of symptoms that one should know. The symptoms include sore throat, runny nose, body aches, chills, a mild fever and constant exhaustion but there are others that may be different. These include:

  1. Chest congestion, which is where your chest always feels heavy due to the swollen airways that make breathing much more difficult.
  2. A cough full of white, green or clear mucus
  3. Wheezing when breathing or shortness of breath
  4. Bloody cough

People who have acute bronchitis experience symptoms that last for a few days to a few weeks. Even though frustrating and restricting, these symptoms are not serious enough to completely disturb your daily routine. However, with chronic bronchitis, the symptoms can persist for a very long time depending on the severity of your condition and the degree of bronchial tubes inflammation. In such a case, you should see a doctor. Severe cases of chronic bronchitis are typically common in elderly patients who may also be experiencing other medical conditions, like COPD.

Bronchitis can cause some problems, hampering your quality of life. It is important that you seek a solution, such as Cold-Fix, the moment you spot the initial symptoms of a cold or flu to prevent the condition from exacerbating and turning into bronchitis.