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Buying Cold-Fix is Cheaper Than Buying Stock in Tissues

Back. Front. Left Side. Right Side. Repeat. We’ve all had that stuffy nose where you can’t get any sleep no matter which way you turn. You wake up and the entire box of tissues has been used, yet nothing actually comes out when you blow your nose. Rather than buying stock in Kleenex, Cold-Fix is a much less expensive and more effective remedy for treating sinus congestion related to cold or flu infection.

Sorry, Can’t Make it, I Have Sinusitis

Sinusitis sounds so much more serious than a stuffy nose, right? But that’s what it is-a very common ailment, affecting about 35 million Americans every year. Sinusitis, or a sinus infection, can make breathing through your nose nearly impossible as your nasal passages become so swollen. It is often caused by a virus, but bacteria, allergies, nasal polyps, a tooth infection or deviated septum can also be the reason. Children can get it from colds, allergies or pacifiers, and can be more susceptible due to smaller nasal passages and membranes.

Sinusitis can be acute, usually as part of a cold and flu, or allergies, or chronic, lasting for more than eight weeks or recurring. It can affect people differently depending on their age, their immune system, and medications they are taking. While sinusitis itself is not usually contagious, the underlying cold can be transmitted to others.

I Wanna Be Your Sledgehammer

With a pounding headache and facial pain below your eyes, on your forehead, or in your jaw, a sinus infection can make you feel like you have been hit with a sledgehammer. The congestion in your nose, however, is probably the most uncomfortable symptom. Most often, the mucus from your nose is greenish-yellow, which can cause irritation in your throat or lead to a cough.

Don’t Make Deals With the Devil

It’s usually around 3am of the third sleepless night that you start bargaining to be able to breathe through your nose again. You know, when you get desperate enough to promise off your first-born child. There is no need to go to this extreme though because most cases of sinus congestion whether related to a cold or flu or even sinusitis can be treated without going to the doctor.

Homeopathic treatments are becoming more popular for treating sinus congestion related to a cold or flu. Effective treatment of sinus congestion related to a cold or flu with a product like Cold-Fix will help the body recover from the current case, as well as prevent future reoccurrences if used as prophylaxis of sinus congestion from a cold or flu. This is especially beneficial for those that suffer from chronic sinusitis.

Cold-Fix is a safe and effective way to treat sinus congestion related to a cold or flu and strengthen the immune system to get over it faster. This remedy fights the symptoms of the common cold, which is often the underlying reason for the sinusitis. Using Cold-Fix over a period of time can help knock out common colds and flu for good. And since Cold-Fix relieves nasal congestion and pressure, you will finally be able to sleep at night. To keep your family free from that dreaded stuffed nose, pick up some Cold-Fix today.