Can You Fight the Flu with Antibiotics?
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Can You Fight the Flu with Antibiotics?

People looking for flu remedies often take antibiotics to treat the virus. But according to the CDC,

“Using antibiotics for a virus:

  • Will NOT cure the infection
  • Will NOT help you feel better
  • Will NOT keep others from catching your illness.”

In fact, taking antibiotics may cause more harm than good by exacerbating antibiotic resistance.

Don’t play around when it comes to your health! The more you know the better you can take care of yourself, your health, and your family.

What Is Antibiotic Resistance?

Taking antibiotics for the flu is bad because bacteria can learn to fight off drugs made to kill them and about two million people in the U.S. are killed every year from antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Everyone can get an antibiotic-resistant infection, but if you have a chronic illness you are at a greater risk.

How do bacteria become antibiotic-resistant?

Some can change the chemical makeup of an antibiotic and neutralize it. Others can remove the antibiotic from the cell or strengthen their cell walls to stop it from getting inside. Once resistant, the organism can survive and continue to multiply even if you take high doses of antibiotics.

Can Antibiotic-Resistant Infections Be Treated?

Yes, but much stronger doses are needed. Aggressive treatments to kill such bacteria can also cause more side effects. It’s even possible for infections to become deadly or leave you permanently impaired.

If your doctor recommends antibiotics, ask why. When prescribed correctly, they can be effective.

Why Don’t Antibiotics Work on Viruses?

Viruses are much simpler than bacteria. An antibiotic works by interacting with the organism’s cell wall. A virus, on the other hand, has a different structure and relies on the host cell’s processes to replicate. It doesn’t have a target for an antibiotic to act on.

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Preventing Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance and flu infections are common because people continue to treat their symptoms with the wrong drugs. The flu virus is one of the most prevalent and unpredictable germs in the world. Vaccines and antiviral treatments can help, but one should also rest, stay and stay hydrated if they get the flu.

How About a Homeopathic Remedy?

A homeopathic remedy can be a powerful alternative for cold and flu treatment and prevention. Cold-Fix can help in two ways. First, by boosting the immune system to help protect the body against sickness. Second, by helping to shorten the duration of cold and flu symptoms. Furthermore, it helps reduce the misuse and overuse of antibiotics.