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How to Help Kids Cope with Online School

The coronavirus pandemic has created a new normal for all of us, children included. With most schools remaining closed, children around the globe are not learning in classrooms surrounded by their peers. Instead, they’re learning by sitting behind a computer screen and practicing social distancing.

Virtual learning can be tough, especially for youngsters who find it hard to sit still for so long with very little in-person social interaction. As we all adjust to this new learning environment, there are some things you can do as a parent to ensure that your child gets the most out of online learning.

Create a Dedicated Learning Space

While you may not be able to turn the spare bedroom into a full-blown classroom, it does help to set aside space in the home that is designated for learning. Children do best when they can learn in a quiet, comfortable, and familiar space that is strictly for learning.

Equip your child with a comfortable chair and desk, as well as a dedicated computer or laptop for learning. Ensure there is plenty of natural light and a few classroom-like items. A map on the wall or colorful pictures can go a long way.

Minimize Distractions

Learning from home does have its conveniences, but it also opens the door to all sorts of distractions. During online learning times, be sure that your child’s phone, tablets, and other devices are put away. A distraction-free environment is the best way to ensure that your child is paying attention and engaged in the virtual classroom.

Embrace Digital Recess

Younger generations are known for being glued to their devices. With a lack of in-person schooling, disconnecting and taking a digital recess is even more important—and this is for parents as well!

While we’re still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are plenty of things you can do that don’t involve a cell phone or tablet. Spend time outdoors. Go hiking or set up a fun treasure hunt for the whole family.

Minimizing screen time and, instead, opting for some fresh air and outdoor activities will work wonders for everyone. Being outside naturally relieves stress and is the perfect way for youngsters to burn off some energy.


Be Supportive

Online learning is a huge change for most students, which means, as a parent, it’s even more important that you’re open and supportive. Many children will struggle with virtual learning, which can be stressful for everyone in the home.

To encourage successful online schooling, consider:

  • Setting up a reward system for good grades
  • Getting involved as needed
  • Offering praise often

In these strange times, one of the best things you can do is to be supportive. Remember, this is new for everyone, so be patient, be kind, and be helpful to your child as much as possible.

Be Prepared

As a parent, you’re probably more worried than ever about germs and getting sick. Even when practicing social distancing and mask-wearing, there’s still the chance of germs spreading from someone infected. This is even truer during cold and flu season.

To protect you and your family, be sure to stock up on homeopathic cold remedies. With the right product, you can boost your immune system and minimize the risk of you, your child, or any other family members getting sick.

Cold-Fix is an effective homeopathic medicine for cough and congestion. By being prepared for inevitable germs, you can ensure that your student doesn’t miss a day of virtual learning due to a cold or the flu.