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Natural Cough Remedies for Kids

It started with the sniffles and now your child has a full-blown nasty cough. Another sleepless night, listening to them cough for hours. But before you start brewing the coffee for that anticipated rough next day, there are a few natural remedies that can alleviate your child’s symptoms so both you and they, can get rest.

Coughing helps your child breathe by clearing mucus from the airways so using a cough suppressant might not be the best choice. Also, they can make some children hyperactive and restless so finding safer alternatives to treat a cough is a better idea.

I’m in Love With You, Honey

As long as your child is over the age of two, honey is safe to use as a treatment for coughs. Honey has significant antibacterial qualities that will kill pathogenic bacteria and can actively promote healing by stimulating cells. It also contains demulcent which coats the throat and soothes membranes that are irritated. You can make your own cough syrup by heating up a pint of honey on low heat, adding a whole lemon, and boiled water. Let the mixture cook for about an hour before letting cool. The lemon will alkalize the body and the honey will kill any bacteria, making it the perfect cough remedy.

Pucker Up

In addition to adding the lemon to a cough syrup, your child can suck on a raw lemon to provide quick relief from a coughing fit. You might have to do some coaxing on this one though! Sucking on a lemon reduces inflammation and relaxes the throat muscles so your child will not cough quite as much.


Most children will benefit from the use of a chest rub. A menthol-based rub might not calm the coughing completely, but it will make children feel more comfortable as they are coughing at night. This is another method that is not to be used on children who are younger than two because it can irritate their airways and cause breathing problems. Cold-Fix is a great remedy for children as young as 6 months because it works with your child’s own immune system to alleviate the symptoms of the cold and flu including that nasty cough.

Salt in the Wound

Older children who are able to gargle might find it calms their cough and will alleviate a sore throat. Warm, salty water absorbs extra fluid from the swollen throat and reduces the inflammation. Mix a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water and have your child gargle every half hour. It sounds like a lot, but it will get the inflammation down.

Steam to Dream

Steam helps to loosen congestion so create your own stream room out of your bathroom. Run a hot shower, close the door, and sit with your child for about 15 minutes before bed. You can firmly tap on their back to help loosen up the congestion. Steam also keeps a child’s airways clear and moist while sleeping so run a cool-mist (warm-mist and vaporizers are a hazard for small children) humidifier during the night.

Mom, My Throat Hurts

All that coughing can leave your child with a very irritated throat, making it hard to swallow and eat. Children over the age of four can use throat lozenges or suck on frozen berries. Younger children can also suck on an ice pop to soothe the pain.

If a cough has your child up all night, get Cold-Fix for children right away so it can start to alleviate those nasty symptoms associated with the cold and flu.