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That Zinc You Just Took for Your Flu Isn’t Going to Do Much

People don’t think much about the common cold and flu unless you tell them that complications arising from cold and flu are so serious that 49,000 people pass away every year in the US due to them. Yeah, that will get their attention. You might think that popping zinc supplements will help – well, no!

You’d be surprised to know how bad zinc can be for your health and if you know an advocate that says zinc is the best thing to fight cold – do us all a favor and knock him out.

1. Zinc Shortens Duration of Your Cold But Does Not Prevent It

Sure, zinc does work pretty well to prevent the flu virus from multiplying; it can treat your annoying sniffling quite fast. However, it doesn’t eliminate the root problem. Sniffling and a runny nose are just the symptoms of flu. You need to go a step ahead and eliminate the symptoms that cause flu in the first place. So, is there is something else you can do? Yup, here is what you should take to fight the virus:

· Cold-Fix is a long-term solution against cold/flu.

· It takes care of the sniffling but more importantly, it prevents the cold/flu from making a second stand.

· Cold-Fix boosts the performance of your immune system – strengthening it naturally to ward off these viral infections among other diseases.

2. Too Much Zinc in Your System Is Going to Turn You into a Walking and Talking Toxic Wasteland

Popping in some zinc to get instant relief from your cold might seem like a great idea but only unless you do it excessively. This might not be directly zinc’s fault. Excess of anything is bad. When you take too much zinc, it can cause the following:

· Nausea

· Vomiting

· Abdominal pains

· Diarrhea

· Weakening of immune system

· Headaches

With Cold-Fix, you can avoid these problems. Taking Cold-Fix in excess is not possible. This homeopathic remedy has been approved by the FDA. If you happen to have kids as young as 6 months, get your hands on the children-friendly version of this awesome medication.

3. Wait – Is that Pizza? But Why Can’t I Smell Anything? Maybe You Sprayed Too Much Zinc in Your Nose

And this is why ladies and gentlemen, it is important to pay attention to what the FDA says. In 2009, the FDA had warned people to avoid using zinc gel sprays. The warning wasn’t issued before 130 people had completely lost their sense of smell after filling up their noses with zinc sprays to get rid of flu. Here is a better way to deal with the ailment:

· Say a big fat NO to zinc gel sprays.

· Try a safer method to get rid of cold, like Cold-Fix. It’s not temporary relief, but a permanent solution for cold and flu.

It just makes more sense to try Cold-Fix – a better, effective, permanent solution to flu and cold.