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The Immune System: Covid-19 Vaccine and Cold-Fix

The immune system consists of two main branches called Innate Immunity and Adaptive or Acquired Immunity. Innate Immunity refers to the bodies’ ability to recognize and destroy ANY harmful invading organism that the body encounters including cold and flu viruses. Adaptive or Acquired Immunity is the ability to identify and potentially prevent infection by a harmful organism that the body has previously encountered. Both branches work by producing the right types and amounts of various cells, antibodies, and signaling proteins (eg; Gamma Interferon) to achieve their goal.

When it comes to infection by any type of cold or flu virus the main goal of the invader is to enter into the body’s healthy cells undetected and use the machinery of your cells to produce more viruses and continue infecting more cells. This is where our immune system comes to the rescue!

How Do Vaccines Work?

Vaccines work by familiarizing the Adaptive / Acquired Immune system with a specific virus or bacteria. For instance, the flu vaccine introduces certain parts of proteins (Antigens) from various strains of the flu virus into the body in small quantities so that the immune system can identify, remember, and be able to prevent or quickly and efficiently fight these strains if any are found in the body. The method by which the Immune System is able to achieve this goal is by the production of Antibodies. Antibodies are proteins produced by immune cells (White Blood Cells) designed specifically to recognize and attach to the Antigens mentioned above.

When the immune system is re-exposed to the same Antigen (parts of the virus) introduced by the vaccine, the Antibodies (which are constantly circulating in the body) are able to identify and bind to the Antigen very quickly. This binding basically puts a big target on the virus allowing other immune cells to gather, attack, and destroy the invading virus. The result of having been vaccinated is that your immune system will be able to prevent the infection by blocking the virus from entering the cells in your body and using the machinery of your cells to produce more viruses. The goal here is to not get sick at all!

How Does Cold-Fix Work?

Cold-Fix works similarly to getting a vaccine by helping the body’s Innate Immune System be better prepared to recognize and quickly destroy ANY invading virus whether the immune system has previously been exposed to it or not. This Immune-Boosting property is achieved by increasing the level of Gamma Interferon in the body. Gamma Interferon is a signaling protein (also called Cytokine) which is an integral component of Innate Immunity and Adaptive Immunity. Its functions include directly interfering with the reproduction of viruses and priming of other immune cells by increasing their production and ability to reach and destroy virus infected cells. This is analogous to having the troops trained, geared up, and ready to deploy at a moment’s notice! The result is that fewer cells are infected and the invading virus is quickly eradicated from the body. What this means is that any symptoms from the infection are minimized and your body is able to recover more quickly.

Shot or Not?

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the lives of everyone in one way or another. Many people are rushing to get the covid-19 vaccine while others are reluctant or even die hard anti-vaxxers. The reality is that as with any other medical decision, this should be decided by each individual in consultation with their doctor while taking into consideration all the risks and benefits. Whether you choose to get the covid-19 vaccine or not, keep in mind that your Innate Immune System also needs and can get a boost. There are many behavioral or lifestyle changes you can make to ensure your Innate Immune System is in tip top shape. See our blog, “Tips for Boosting Your Immune System During the COVID-19 Pandemic”.

Cold-Fix and Cold-Fix Children’s can also help boost your Immune System (Innate Immunity) by taking one daily especially during the cold and flu season. If you are considered “high-risk” for complications from the flu and want year-round immunity-boosting power you may want to consider taking it year-round. For those who may already be sick, you can take Cold-Fix as directed. By taking Cold-Fix daily, your body’s immune response is heightened and better prepared to fight cold and flu viruses, should you get one and start to notice symptoms like a runny nose, coughing, sneezing, fever, etc.




Cold-Fix works similarly to a vaccine and its unique formulation is designed to prime and prepare in order to help boost the immune system to fight off various strains of cold and flu virus. Cold-Fix is more than an immune-boosting supplement, it’s also a cold and flu remedy.

The take home message is to remember there are two separate components to the immune system when it comes to fighting any cold or flu virus. Doing your part to ensure both branches of your immune system are in tip top shape will give you the best chances to avoid getting sick and minimize symptoms and recover faster if you do.

For further information about Cold-Fix, or to order Cold-Fix, please feel free to browse our website today! You may also contact us directly if you have further questions.