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The Truth About Vitamin C

Got Vitamin C?

If you were born in or around the 1970s, you were probably raised with the belief that vitamin C is the best treatment for your cold or flu, because after all, it’s what your mother and doctor always recommended. Although you may be under the impression that vitamin C works to treat the common cold, plenty of research has shown that while vitamin C is a good regular supplement for your body, it’s ineffective when it comes to treating the common cold.

The History of Vitamin C and the Common Cold

Vitamin C gained its popularity when a prominent American chemist named Linus Pauling published his bestseller “Vitamin C and the Common Cold” .  Pauling claimed that Vitamin C positively influenced his personal health and helped relieve his cold symptoms, while also preventing him from getting colds.  Shortly after his book was published, it became common knowledge to many Americans that Vitamin C was a way for them to treat the common cold. Based on this newfound belief, sales of vitamin C skyrocketed.

Vitamin C Today

Modern day research confirmed by WebMD and other scientific studies reveals that when tested against a placebo for cold treatment, Vitamin C produces the same results; in other words, Vitamin C did not shorten the cold or alleviate the symptoms any better than the placebo. While Vitamin C is a good supplement for the body it doesn’t do much to treat the common cold.

Avoid Sugar

Did you know that there are at least 5 grams of sugar in other leading brands Cold and Flu products? Sugary products are the opposite of what your body needs when it’s already under attack because sugar hinders the immune system that’s trying to fight off bacteria according to WebMD.  Now that you have been enlightened to both the positives and negatives of vitamin C, you may want to research other options for treating yourself the next time you have a cold.

Looking Ahead

Based on the above research it is clear that Vitamin C is not the best option when trying to fend off the common cold. We have also learned that many products claiming to boost your immune system have a high sugar content which is counterproductive when trying to fight off sickness. We hate being sick just as much as you and our goal is to provide you with information so you can be the happy, healthy person you were meant to be.