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Tips for Turning Your Living Room (or Other Space) Into a Classroom

Due to the pandemic, this school year is going to be unlike any other:

  • Some students are already back in school, physically
  • Other students are back “in” school… but that school happens to be their homes
  • While other students are still awaiting local and state governments to decide how to handle things

If your child is already schooling from home or you’re prepping for the “in case,” here are a few tips for turning your living room (or other space) into a classroom.

Create a Dedicated Schooling Area

student covid-19 studying a home

Designate a space for schooling in your home. This might be the living room, your child’s bedroom or even the kitchen table. Make sure your child has a comfortable place to sit and space for their books and supplies. You can also set up a desk and organized storage if you have room.

If you can, try to find a place with natural lighting and minimal distractions. You can also create a more focused environment by blocking visual distractions and noise with things like room dividers and headphones.

Working With Limited Space?

indoor space to make study area

If you live in a small apartment or house, try a creative solution! Use dividers or curtains to create a mini-room, or designate a specific table or couch for school activities. If you want to reclaim your space at the end of the day, set up your “classroom” in the morning and take it down after school.

Hands-On Learning, Inside and Out

mother and daughter cooking in kitchen

Now that you have a homemade classroom, don’t be afraid to leave it! Explore how your home creates learning opportunities, like gardening to learn about plants, or counting and measuring ingredients in the kitchen. For older kids doing distance learning online, let them switch up their surroundings or do schoolwork outside for a while. Learning in different environments can help boost morale and prevent boredom and burnout.

Desk Must-Haves

school study tools

Make sure you’re equipped with home schooling supplies like these:

  • Daily planner/organizer
  • Plenty of writing utensils, for when your kids inevitably can’t find a pencil
  • Extra notebooks and/or loose-leaf paper, for when they can’t find anything to write on, either
  • Some kind of timer, for timed activities or as a school bell
  • Assorted art supplies (markers, glue, etc.) for various project needs
  • A reliable PC for remote learning or other school interactions

Support Your Family’s Immune System

ColdFix for your immune system to fight cold and flu

No matter where school takes place, you can still protect your family’s health. Cold-Fix is a unique homeopathic cold and flu remedy that can also be taken daily to assist with immune health.

While other remedies provide only vitamins, minerals, and herbs, Cold-Fix contains homeopathic dilutions of the antibodies that trigger immune cell production. Instead of masking symptoms of a cold or flu, Cold-Fix helps the body strengthen its natural defenses.

Cold-Fix is not a treatment for COVID-19. During this vulnerable time, however, it’s easy to forget about other viral risks. With Cold-Fix, you can boost your immune system and help reduce your risk of developing a cold or flu. In addition to protecting against these common illnesses, continue to follow CDC coronavirus guidelines for a safe and healthy school year.

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