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What Is Flu? What Are Its Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments?

Often referred to as cold, flu is different from the common cold and is caused by a different virus. The symptoms for both are quite similar though—you could call them twin brothers with some differences in appearances.

Is Flu Cold and Cold-Flu? Not Really!

Flu is caused by influenza A, B or C virus wherein A and B are the most common ones affecting people. It is seasonal and pays visits to people most commonly between November and March. But it does not mean you can’t catch it during other times of the year. This is what’s going to make you hate flu—compared to cold; flu can lead you to much more serious conditions with pneumonia being one of them.

Cold comes with a sore throat and a lot of sneezing, and cough accompanied by yellow or greenish gunk. Surprisingly, a runny and stuffy nose is more common with cold than it is with flu. Flu gives you a dry cough. The common cold also causes a lot of sneezing which is less common in flu.

Flu Virus—You Caught It and You Didn’t Even Know It

People try their best to stay away from germs and from people who already have the flu. Little do they know that people with the flu are most contagious one day before the symptoms even appear. In fact, people are least contagious when their flu is at peak, i.e., they are not contagious or nearly not as contagious when they have had the flu for more than a week. So, how do you catch the virus and from where?

· Infected people sneeze, cough and blow their nose. This sets the virus free in the air. You happen to come in contact with them, and they become your friends for the next few weeks.

· You touch an object where flu viruses are having a party. You then touch your eyes, mouth or nose and there you have it—you’ve been contaminated.

· When you come in contact with infected people, chances are you will get the flu too. Fair price for a handshake or a hug right?

Can You Fight Flu Virus or Should You Just Surrender?

Of course, you can fight the flu virus.

· Care is better than cure. Take precautions, and one of the most important precautions you can take is to wash your hands regularly.

· Protect your body properly during the peak flu season and wear a surgical mask—the joker from the Batman mask will not protect you so don’t buy it.

· Get your hands on an over-the-counter solution like Cold-Fix. You can trust a remedy like Cold-Fix because it is a homeopathic solution with no dangerous side effects and can be used as a preventative measure by working with your own body’s immune system to prevent cold and flu.

· Make sure to rest, don’t act like a hero and drink a lot of fluids.

· Boil water in a pot, put a towel on your head and while keeping a safe distance, hover over the pot to get steam. Let the towel cover any openings between you and the pot, so you get maximum steam.

In the end, if you think your flu is getting worse despite all your efforts, see your doctor as soon possible. Do not listen to people who start their advice like, “when I had the flu I . . . . .” What worked for them might not work for you.