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Why Are Children More Prone to the Cold?

Children get cold and flu a lot. They can get up to 10 colds in just one year before they even reach the age of two. But do you need some research paper to tell you how prone children are to the cold? Haven’t you seen them with their runny noses? It can get worse—you pick up the child in your lap due to the sudden surge of love waves in your body, and before you know it, they end up sneezing and shooting two snot bullets on your clothes and maybe your face. But why do they get the colds so often? Here are some possible reasons.

They Don’t Care About Your Advice—And Don’t Even Want To

It is as simple as that: you just can’t give children advice. Don’t they know what your big words mean and how serious your warnings are? You can’t advise them not to jump in the water and expect them not to. Even if you try to scare them with big eyeballs, they will only keep from doing something wrong for as long as you are there. Once you are out of sight, they’ll do whatever they think is right.

They Hate to Be Tucked in Lots of Clothes

Of course, the best thing you can do for them as parents is to pack them in lots of warm clothes, but then there are times of the day when it is not that cold. That’s when they feel the urge to rip open their clothes and get out of them. If they are clever enough, they will successfully take off a few items behind your back and roam around bare-bellied.

They Are the Modern Moody and Choosy Freaks Right From Their Childhood

Nothing you can do about that one. If they don’t like certain foods, you dare not try to push them into their mouths—or just prepare to pay the price if you end up doing that. Since they don’t eat immune boosting foods, the virus gets the best of them. Almonds, berries, yogurt, eggs, broccoli, sweet potatoes, etc. are all great foods to strengthen your children’s immune system. Now, you go and figure out which one of these foods you can convince them to eat.

Their Parents Are Not Much of a Help

You read that right. There are times when it is the parents’ fault for children getting colds. What happens in such scenarios is that parents believe the effects of climate and weather are the same for them and their children. These parents are under the impression that when they feel cold, it’s cold and when they feel hot it’s hot. That’s not how things work for children mind you. They are sensitive little angels who feel cold and hot much more than you do. What’s slightly cold for you might be extremely cold for your child. Therefore, make sure your children are wearing warm clothes when you are feeling only a slight chill in the air.

They Don’t Know the Rules of Sneezing and Coughing

As quick as you are at putting your hand in your mouth while sneezing or coughing, your children are completely unaware of these rules. At school, they might be playing with other children who have a cold, and this leads to them catching the virus. They sneeze and cough in each other’s faces, and in fact, they seem to find amusement in doing so.

In the end, you could end up writing an entire book if you pick any children related topic and start it with “why do children.” The best way for you to ensure your children’s health and prevention of cold and flu is the children friendly version of Cold Fix—have one of these at your home at all times if you don’t want your shoulder slathered with snot every time you pick your child up.