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Your Body Fighting Viruses and How Cold-Fix Can Help!

Your body is designed to fight viruses using immune cells and interferons. Interferons are proteins found in each cell that trigger the immune response when we get a cold or another type of virus. The immune cells attack the infection, while the interferons try to stop it from spreading to other cells.

The amount of time the body needs to recover from a virus will depend upon how well your immune response functions. Stress, anxiety, and other such factors can slow down the response time. As a result, it can take your body longer to recover on its own.

Fortunately, you can speed recovery by taking Cold-Fix. Cold-Fix is designed to help increase and strengthen immune cells and interferons. In addition, Cold-Fix can help prevent the spread of viruses within the body while fighting any current viruses.

To learn more about Cold-Fix and how it can help your body fight viruses, we encourage you to continue reading and reviewing the following infographic. Afterward, if you have further questions about Cold-Fix and how it can benefit you, check out our Why It Works page.

How Your Body Fights Viruses - Infographic

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